January 29 – 31 2019

Boston, MA



Partnership Opportunities

Are you front of mind when pharma and biotech look to develop commercially viable DNA Damage Response Therapeutics?

The DNA Damage Response Therapeutics Summit brings together key decision makers from biopharmaceutical companies looking to therapeutically exploit synthetic lethal interactions for targeting cancer. With the success of PARP inhibitors and the “CRISPR” revolution, the DDR space is set to rapidly move forward…

These companies are actively seeking partners with trusted, reliable and scientifically robust solutions that supports their efforts. One of the most pressing problems in this rapidly growing field is that service providers lack knowledge and experience of the industry, forcing developers to use time and resources on work that they would rather outsource.

The DNA Damage Response Therapeutics Summit allows partners to gain a deep understanding of the most pressing concerns held by the market, and this is your chance to showcase your expertise across CRISPR & RNA Screening, Assay Development, Preclinical Modelling and Clinical Development.

Seize this unparalleled opportunity to highlight that you can meet the increasing demands of this emerging field by:

  • Demonstrating expertise through a case-study led presentation to key decision makers in search of support
  • Developing relationships across 3 days of 1-2-1 networking with industry leaders looking to integrate and implement new technologies
  • Driving your brand to the forefront of mind with stakeholders as they develop the next generation of cancer therapies

Partnering with us will ensure your chance to capitalize on the market share early, cement your position as an industry leader and support the rate of growth in the DDR field.

If you have a product or service that will benefit this audience, please contact Jennifer Mackay at sponsor@hansonwade.com or +1 617 455 4188  to discuss how we can help you engage them.